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HELP! My Coupon Printed With Another Store’s Logo! Can I Still Use it at Kroger?

2012 5:44 pm

You may have noticed more and more coupons printing with other store logos on them and many have asked “Can I still use it at Kroger?”.  No matter what the coupon states (with the exception of the word “ONLY”), if your coupon prints as a regular manufacturer’s coupon, you can use it at any store. When a coupon states “redeemable at such and such store”, I view that as merely a suggestion and just another way for stores to advertise. The store advertising on the coupon does NOT change the fact that:

  1. the coupon says “manufacturer’s coupon” at the top
  2. the coupon WILL SCAN at any store that accepts coupons
  3. the coupon offers a remittance address that does not state any store exclusions

Unless a store’s policy specifically outlines something contrary to what I have here, these are the guidelines I use. themselves back up my take on this. Here is the comment I received from my contact in an email dated March 14, 2014:

“Hi Katie,

Here’s how our Walmart offers can be clarified:

-“Redeemable at Walmart” means the offer can be redeemed at Walmart. It can also be redeemed at other participating stores.
-“Only at Walmart” means the offer can only be redeemed at Walmart.”

since my conversation with them, which can be extremely helpful when dealing with cashiers/managers who don’t understand that they WILL be reimbursed by the manufacturer. You may want to and keep it in your coupon binder.

Cashiers will sometimes see the words “Redeemable at Walmart” and wrongly advise the customer that the coupon can only be redeemed at Walmart, ignoring the words “Manufacturer Coupon” printed at the top of the coupon offer.

Below I have shared a few examples of different coupons and a brief explanation of where and how you can use them.

This coupon states “Redeemable at Walmart” AND prints with a Walmart Logo. It is just a regular manufacturer’s coupon, however – and can be redeemed at any store. You may also see this worded as “Redeem at Walmart”. Again, just a suggestion.

This coupon shows a Walmart logo and states “Available at Walmart”, but the logo does not print. It is just a regular manufacturer coupon that can be redeemed at any store. The words “available at” just tell you where you might find this item. I say thanks for the heads up, but I’ll use my coupon where it’s on sale! :)

This coupon states “Redeemable ONLY at Walmart”. It is a regular manufacturer’s coupon, but since it uses the word “ONLY” I feel like that one should only be used at Walmart. It just comes across as a command to me. In this case, this product is only sold at Walmart anyway – so you wouldn’t have a choice. This terminology is quite rare to see on a manufacturer coupon.

This coupon states “Redeem ONLY at Target” and prints as a Target Store Coupon. This coupon can ONLY be redeemed at Target.

The Kroger coupon policy does not address this issue. All it states is that “competitor coupons” are not accepted. With that being said, I can sit here and type all day long that these are NOT competitor coupons, but if your cashier/store manager feels differently…there’s not much you can do other than show them this post and the comment from Hopefully these guidelines will give you something to work with when making your stand.

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  1. i got a .75 off coupon for Franks Redhot but the coupon does not have a scan and states redeem at Publix. Does this mean i can only use it at Publix?

    • Hi Alicia, I just redeemed this coupon at Publix. Publix coupons have LU#’s, these coupons are only for Publix. Publix coupons do not have bar coded =)

  2. We actually changed our coupon policy about taking coupons from other stores, if you bring a coupon that states “redeemable only at walmart”, we will take it as long as it scans. We will also take expired coupons that scan, up to 30 days expired. But the coupon must scan, there are expired coupons that will still scan past the expiration date.

  3. Coupon

  4. Tina Marie says:

    I am In Euless Texas and Krogers does not double any longer. ; (

  5. Christa Lee says:

    I brought in a few coupons to my local Kroger store (Dillons) and they wouldn’t take any coupons that had Walmart printed on it. They wouldn’t take the redeemable at Walmart or the available at Walmart coupons. Very frustrating. These variances in policy make it very had to stay on budget.

  6. Kroger in Dacula GA is hit or miss with these. If the cashier says no, the manager will back them up. However, most cashiers just scan it, see that it works, and move on. Its so frustrating because it makes it harder to plan so mostly I just don’t use them unless its a deal too good to pass up.

  7. My Kroger refuses to accept the “Redeemable at Walmart” coupons and I even addressed the fact that it says Manufacturer Coupon and they do not care. The irony in it all is that I have tried to use the “Redeemable at Walmart” coupons at Walmart and they will NOT take them either claiming that they do not take Print-at-home coupons.

  8. I used the Oreo coupon at Kroger this week…I always have the same, great cashier..She told me that starting next week at my Springboro Ohio Kroger they will no longer be accepting any coupons that have another store name on them even though it clearly states at the top manufacturer coupon. She said they were not being paid on them so they could no longer take them.

  9. Yeah, this is an easy concept to understand, but you really should have mentioned how Kroger’s coupon policy gives management full discretion regarding acceptance of coupons. None of the Kroger’s in my area will accept a coupon with a competitor’s logo.

  10. Elizabeth says:

    OH MY- I had some from the deals you posted and they said at and some sai
    only. But they were Manufacturer coupons
    and they SCANNED- if they scan should that not
    be the true sign that its accepted and they will get reimburssed?

  11. I had a cashier at Whole Foods who refused to take one of these. His supervisor backed him up. It was clearly a manufacturer’s coupon and should have been no problem. However, in true Whole Foods fashion, they decided just to go ahead and discount my total the amount that would have been taken off with the coupon!

  12. I had some coupons for Pringles a couple weeks ago an the manager at the Logan WV got really rude and said NO they will not take coupons even if it does say Redeemable at Walmart. So I just put them back and said OK- I will go to Walmart and buy them.
    They were on sale there but with the new savings catcher it was alright!!

  13. Thank you for the info

  14. My question is about the coupons that Kroger sends in the mail that have the Kroger logo at the bottom but says Manufacturer Coupon at the top. Does this same idea apply that I should be able to redeem them at any store? I DO realize that some of the ones Kroger sends are STORE coupoms, which I already knows means it is only for Kroger.

  15. The kroger store in Algonac michigan refused to take my $13.00 worth of coupons with walmart logos on them. I called kroger which in turned called the store while I was on held and then was told it was up to the manager of the individual store if they accept the coupons. I have never had any problems until last week. I might have to start shopping at another grocery store.

  16. Will it work at Fry’s grocery store that sell Kroger products

  17. I work at a Kroger and was told as long as it says Manufacturers coupon we can take regardless if it says Meijer, target and the LONG as it says it is a mfg coupon it is good…if it says ONLY redeemable at such and such store it is not.

  18. hi, where can I get that coupon with the target logo? Not the ones you can print at the target website but the one exactly as the one above(the purex coupon example). Thank you.

  19. amy little says:

    my Kroger said they won’t accept manufactured coupons that say redeemable at Walmart . only if they say available at Walmart .

  20. Do the coupons that you can print directly from the Target website work at other stores too? I printed from Target website and coupon has the Target logo but the top says Manufacturer’s Coupon.

  21. Used the Hillshire Farms coupon at Kroger and it went through. .no questions asked. And it doubled so it was an awesome deal. Thanks for the info! So many times I didn’t print a coupon because I wasn’t sure about the I know better! Thanks again. Happy couponing!

  22. Frugal Nana says:

    Sorry my voive reconition is not.working properly. Kroger in Acworth, GA at one time acceptef nesrby competiter store coupons. Now, they will Only accept MFG coupons. Sorry for the previos post erros.

  23. Frugal Nana says:

    I live GA, our Kroger in Acworth, Publix. Target stores were considered competitors at one time. now they will only take manufacturer coupons. her wil will accept nearb store competitor coup and manufacturer coupons.

  24. It is ever more confusing when it prints a logo, but it is a manufacturers coupons, and it says “Redeem at (insert store name here)”. It does not say redeem ONLY at a certain store, it just says redeem at such and such place. Is that a suggestion? A command? I dont know! Some other stores will accept and others wont. They you may just have wasted a bunch of ink if they wont accept it.

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