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Help! My Catalina Didn’t Print!

2015 11:59 am


What do I do if I was expecting a Catalina to print and it didn’t?

Catalinas are not affiliated with Kroger stores…they are a separate company. If you do NOT receive a Catalina, here are a couple contact options:

Fill out the contact form found or call within 14 days of your transaction

Don’t forget to check out the Kroger Catalinas Master List.

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  1. What if the catalina isn’t posted at your store? Does that mean it isn’t active at your store?

  2. The Catalina company refused mine. I bought Dove Bars on 6/13. When I sent them the info I was told that the promo wasn’t active. :(

  3. Thank You very much!!!! All of he information is helping me save mone and to make this process lot easier!!!!

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