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Get THREE Evol Burritos for FREE + $2.25 Money Maker at Kroger!

2017 12:52 pm

Check out THIS awesome deal happening at Kroger! are FREE + $2.25 MoneyMaker!! Don't mind if I do! All of the details are below but I want to say, if you have access to more than one computer, this deal can be even better for you!

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Thanks Matthew!

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  1. There are some here that are three for five dollars. Then if you have three of the coupons, That would make it even better would it not?

  2. Y’all, they’d have to pay me to buy these. They are really bad. Even my 15-year-old bottomless pit won’t eat them.

  3. Save the Evol points, on the side of the wrappers.

    Turn in for free Evol T-Shirts…

  4. You can actually print all 3 from one device if you do the 3rd one in incognito mode by opening a new in private window!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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